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I have just returned from a beautiful trip to Bimini in Bahamas. It was organized by Raeline Brady and we stayed at Kevin and Kandy Benedictes gorgeous place just by the ocean. They have also been taking us out with their boat to swim with Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins, Sting Rays and even some Sharks.

Kevin and Kandys gorgeous place by the ocean.

Coconut Cove

Spotted Dolphins

Spotted Dolphins

Sting Rays are nice guys (as long as you don't step on their tail)

Sting Rays are nice guys
(as long as you don’t step on their tail)


Grundkurs i journalistik

During the autumn 2015 I did a basic education in journalism at Poppius journalism school in Stockholm. We had many different tasks to solve during the semester. For the exam everybody contributed with an article for a magazine we made together.

Here you can read my article ”What is reality” (in swedish). It is an interview about how research can affect our view on reality, with Professor Olga Botner. She is Professor of Experimental Elementary Particle Physic at Ångström Laboratory and also member of the Nobel Committee for Physics.

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website for: Poppius

Tribute to the sea – exhibition

In february 2014 i showed a couple of my humback whale photos for the first time in an exhibition. It was the artist group MEGMA, which I am a member of,  together with some greenlandic artists who arranged an exhibition with the title ”Trubute to the sea” at Katuaq, the culture house in Nuuk.


From Sweden: Anette Berglund, Eva Johnson, Georg kristiansen, Maria Lundmark, Måd-Olsson Wannefors

From Greenland: Miki Jacobsen, Camilla Nielsen, Julia Pars

website for: Nuuk TV- about the exhibition (in danish)

website for: Katuaq

Gentle Giants

In february 2014 I joined my danish freediving friends Dan & Brian to Dominican Republic again, where we went swimming with our favorite animals: the Humpback whales.

mother with a big heart

mother with a big heart

Back to Tonga

Next autumn I went back to Tonga with Apnea Australia on a combinated training camp for freediving and swimming with the whales. If possible, the whether was even worse than last year, but it was great anyway!

young humpback whale boy

young Humpback whale boy

website Apnea Australia

Spinner Dolphins

In february 2013 I joined Lotten Odh to Hawaii, socializing with the Spinner Dolphins.

Go ahead and jump!

Go ahead and jump!

Website Lotten Odh

Humpback whales in Tonga

Mother and baby

Mother and baby

I came back from my trip to Tonga in October 2012. I was a long trip for such a short period of time (three weeks, one week was only travelling…) Also the weather was unusually bad, with rain, storms, pretty cold and the whales were not that many. BUT we did have some wonderful, close encounters, mostly with mothers & calves. Above, you can see one of them. Also I met some great people!
If you ever are in that neighborhood I do recommend that you stay with Patty at the uninhabited island of Uoleva at there you can go whale watching with Dave & Trisha at
or, if you want to be closer to ”civilisation”, you can stay on nearby Ha’apai Island, with Brian & Sabine at their diving accomodation There you can also get whale watching services.

Hawaii 2012

In january 2012 I went back to Kona with my freediving friend Genevieve Manbre. We had a great time, staying for about month, swimming with dolphins almost every day and meeting old and new human friends.


Dhiana Khianahs beautiful farm The Goddess Sanctuary, where they grove deliscious coffee and have more than 200 different(!) types of fruit.

Dhiana Khianahs beautiful farm The Goddess Sanctuary, where they grove delicious coffee and have more than 200 different(!) types of fruit.

website for accomodation: The Goddess Sanctuary


Eva photographing Spinner dolphins. Photo: Shelly Feduniw

Eva Photographing Spinner dolphins.                                                         Photo: Shelly Feduniw