Tribute to the sea – exhibition

In february 2014 i showed a couple of my humback whale photos for the first time in an exhibition. It was the artist group MEGMA, which I am a member of,  together with some greenlandic artists who arranged an exhibition with the title ”Trubute to the sea” at Katuaq, the culture house in Nuuk.


From Sweden: Anette Berglund, Eva Johnson, Georg kristiansen, Maria Lundmark, Måd-Olsson Wannefors

From Greenland: Miki Jacobsen, Camilla Nielsen, Julia Pars

website for: Nuuk TV- about the exhibition (in danish)

website for: Katuaq

Gentle Giants

In february 2014 I joined my danish freediving friends Dan & Brian to Dominican Republic again, where we went swimming with our favorite animals: the Humpback whales.

mother with a big heart

mother with a big heart