I’ve been working for Link Arkitektur in Stockholm, since spring 2013.
At the moment I’m helping out the interior design department with the Project

”Technology for Health-NEO”, at Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge.

Entrance to NEO building

Entrance to NEO building

website for: Technology for health, about the project (in swedish)


During 2015 I worked for Roger Larsson with the project RSS, Rehab Station Stockholm Frösundavik:


website for: Rehab Station Stockholm


My first assignement with Link when I startde in 2013, was working with Roger Larssons school project

Brinkskolan, Täby

Brinkskolan Photo: Lindman Photography

Photo: Lindman Photography



During a halt in the RSS project for 6 months  I joined the team for Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital), coordinating the technical consultants in the new building By70 that will provide modern facilities for emergency medical care, surgery and other specialist care.

The new future By70 at Södersjukhuset

The future By70 at Södersjukhuset

website for: Södersjukhuset about the new building


website for: Link Arkitektur